Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend... Rain, Flooding, Salmon, Wild Brookies and Snow?

What a weekend!  Sometimes all you can do is just make the best of the hand you are dealt.  Well, we were dealt temps falling through the 40's into the 30's and pouring rain, then temps hitting the upper 20's and snow/sleet and eventually, just as it was time to head for home, 60's and sunny!  That is Pittsburg for you!  The toughest part for us was just the amount of rain we had and how high the rivers eventually became.  I could have headed over to some ponds and went for some stockies, but I had the day off from guiding and decided to do what I enjoy the most:  Explore for wild brookies and salmon!  The choice was confirmed correct as I was able to land one of my largest wild Pittburg brookies as well as about a dozen 15-20 inch salmon. (Insert "I got lucky" cliche'. "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut", It's better to be lucky than talented"... etc.)  The conditions in the river will continue to be very tough over the next several days as the flows are completely out of control right now.  I have added a couple of pictures and a video for those of you who are familiar with Pittsburg.  Can you say high water!? 


14" Wild Brookie... Been eatin' well!

About the average size of the dozen or so landed... Sometimes we get real lucky :)

First Lake Dam overflow! 

Trophy Stretch BLOWN OUT!

Lots of water!
Murphy Dam Spillway!

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