Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Day in Paradise...

All sorts of things have been happening in Pittsburg these days.  First off the flows are quite a bit different from what is being posted on the internet.  As of this morning below first lake dam is running at about 50 cfs, not the posted 353 cfs.  Second lake dam is running at about 25 cfs which is not too bad if you like to hike around and throw some dries to pocket water fish.  There is a lot of potential in that area if you are willing to explore.  Below Murphy is about 300 cfs and much more conducive to wading than the 850 cfs that was running out a few days back.  The only concerning flow to me is the first lake dam at 50 cfs.  These areas have been recently stocked and the fish have not had a chance to spread out.  If the flows get back to normal in this area, the fish will disperse throughout the entire river and things will be great!  I just hope that people do not take advantage of the easy fishing and take home more fish than they need.  Either way, we are on the verge of actual "summer" type fishing in the north woods.  I only have two weeks left of teaching and will be up to Pittsburg for good after that.  I am chomping at the bit to get out there and introduce new "sports" to Pittsburg fishing!  If the fishing so far this season is any indication of what the summer will hold, you better strap in and hang on!  I have just a few weekend days left open for July and August, but there are many weekdays still waiting to be booked.  If you want to learn how to fly fish and do it in the most beautiful area of New Hampshire, let me know and I will set you up! Thanks for reading!

"King of the River"

Lots of spots!

"Painted Trillium" in the Trophy Stretch

Early Morning Bow

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