Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Caddis, Caddis, Caddis...

There are some serious hatches going on all over the state right now.  One of my favorite hatches is that of the Caddis.  This little fly is a lot like me.  It really doesn't like to sit still for long periods of time.  Fortunately, for me though, if I do need a break, I will not get eaten by a monster trout by lingering a bit too long in one spot.  It is this constant motion that entices some of the most amazing trout rises I have ever seen.  Splashes everywhere can only mean one thing.  Throw on a Caddis.  I also enjoy using an emerging Caddis as well.  There is just something about feeling the trout take on a tight line that makes the hair stand on the back of my neck.  We were lucky enough to get into an emerging Caddis situation recently and my "sports" were rewarded nicely.  I officially have no more open dates for southern or central NH until after October 15th at this point.  I do however have plenty of open slots on weekdays during July and August in Pittsburg.  Water flows in Pittsburg are back closer to "normal" as of today, so let me know if you have an interest in booking a trip!  Enjoy some pictures of our recent trip!

Nice Fat Bow


Couldn't resist the Caddis


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