Sunday, May 8, 2016

Last "Local" Trip of the Spring

     Well I have wrapped up my spring southern NH trips and you know what that means!  Its is all Pittsburg from here on out!  The local areas did not fizzle out on us though, in fact it was some of the best action I have seen in a long time!  I had a great day with Carl who hooked into double digit numbers of fish that were just large and feisty!  I have not seen vicious strikes on nymphs the way we did in a long time!  One minute the line was dead drifting and the next it was 20 feet across the river!  Either that, or it was flying through the air attached to a big fish!  We hit many different areas and spots that are usually good in early April, but have continued to hang on into early May due to the cooler temps we have been seeing lately.  If I had to guess it will not last very much longer though as water flows have been dropping quickly and when the flow goes, so do the fish! 

Carl with his nice 17" Colored up bow!

19" and leapt more like a salmon!
Our go to flies for the trip:

Black Feedinator
Red Feedinator
Pink San Juan Worm
Egg Patterns

Pretty simple stuff.

My Pittsburg dates are getting booked extremely fast this year, so if you have been hoping to get out in June, July or August, let me know soon!  We are very close to the beginning of guiding in Pittsburg and I for one can not wait to get out there!

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