Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pittsburg Update!

Hello Everyone!
     I spent the second half of my April vacation scouting how things were going in Pittsburg.  Lets just say that it was a blast!  I caught my first salmon from the 1st Lake Inlet on April 26th and it was a nice big fat 18 incher.  The air temp was 38 degrees and it had been snowing in the morning.  Water temps were hovering right around the 40 degree mark on the first day.  I spent most of my time each day hitting the inlets of the lakes including the Lake Francis Inlet, but also hit below Murphy as well.  I would have to say that the fishing each day was different.  There was no real steady stream of salmon coming in, but I was picking up 3-4 per day along with a hand full of rainbows as well.  The great news is that every fish I hooked and landed was as healthy as can be!  They were fat, shiny, crisp and fighting hard!  I hit a nice BWO hatch at the Francis Inlet and landed 14 fish in a few hours on one occasion as well.  That is about as good as it gets with water temps in the low 40's. 
      The lake flows are all super low, but with rain in the forecast we should be seeing an increase soon.  This should only increase the amount of salmon and lake run fish for us over the next couple of weeks.  I kept taking water temps and it topped out at 46 degrees in the 1st Lake Inlet on a sunny warm afternoon.  My largest salmon of the trip was caught on my last morning and was 20", leapt 3 times and capped off my trip perfectly! 
     I am extremely excited to get back up and start taking clients out as we move into late spring and early summer.  I am booking faster than I ever have at this point in a season, but still have dates open for Pittsburg in June, July and August if you get ahold of me soon! 

Pittsburg GO TO flies for me this trip:

Putt's Favorite
Patrick's BWO Emerger
Red/Olive Feedinators
Pink San Juan Worm
Egg Patterns
Gray Ghost

Feel free to email me with any questions anytime!

My First Pittsburg Salmon of the year!

Francis Inlet Salmon

We even took the canoe for a spin to shake off the rust!

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