Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Smile Dad, You're on the Internet!"

I was finally able to talk my father into going fishing with me this past weekend.  I had a spot in mind and it has really never let me down.  My father has never done any winter fly fishing and I figured I better make it an enjoyable experience if I want him to come along again in the future.  Luckily for him on his third cast of the morning, he hooked into a 17" rainbow.  The day would bring more fish and he was able to return the favor by taking a picture of me and my 20"er later in the day.  As for the fly of the day.... my Feedinator strikes again! Until next time, enjoy the pics!

17" Winter Bow

20" Winter Bow

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Fly Fishing

I plan on trying to do some random writing this year on all topics fly fishing.  Most of the time it will be just my thoughts on certain topics.  I hope that people may find it interesting and learn a thing or two, but also I enjoy hearing other thoughts through comments.  My first thought of the year is about winter fly fishing.  I usually get out fly fishing all winter long based on the temperature and my schedule.  I have done some winter fishing already and had success.  Usually it is not easy, but every now and then luck is on my side and things just work.  I suppose my main thought here is that winter fishing can be a lot of fun if you are prepared.  If you dress correctly and make sure to move around a little, fishing can be fun and productive with temperatures into the low 20's.  I really do not like when the guides of my rod ice up and when that becomes a large problem, I usually stop and call it a day.  The last thing I want to do is create a situation of frustration when I am fly fishing.  I fish to relax and enjoy the day.  There are certain "ice paste" products that you can use to help keep the ice away, but usually they do not last all that long.  Nature will always win.  If you do use the paste, be sure to apply it the night before in the warmth of your home.  I find that it creates more of a barrier when applied warm.  Hand warmers are also a great way to keep your fingers functioning in the cold.  I usually put one in each fingerless glove and it will last me all day.  As for now I am off to tie up more flies for the fast approaching guiding season.  If you are contemplating booking a trip in 2012, shoot me an email and we can set up some dates.  The book is starting to fill!  Here is a pic of a winter bow. Enjoy.

A New Look for a New Year!

Hello Everyone!  Well it's a new year and I figure it is time for a new style fishing reports page!  I hope you enjoy!  New reports soon!