2021 Rates

As a guide I feel that I need to hold myself to a high standard.  If I were booking a trip, I would expect that I would be completely outfitted by my guide.  This expectation is the reason that I DO NOT charge you for flies, leaders or tippets. I DO NOT charge you a rental fee for any gear including waders and rods. When you book a trip with me, you will be completely set up for the day.
Below are my rates:

*A Note on Trips:
  • A 1/2 day trip is 4 hours on the water
  • A full day trip is 8 hours on the water
Fishing Central New Hampshire: April - June:
*      1 Angler: 1/2 day $200 ; Full Day $300
*      2 Anglers: 1/2 day $250 ; Full Day $350

Fishing the Connecticut River in Pittsburg, New Hampshire: June - Oct 15th:
*     1 Angler: 1/2 Day $200 ; Full Day $300
*     2 Anglers: 1/2 Day $250 ; Full Day $350

Canoe Fishing the Ponds and Bogs of Pittsburg:
*      1 Angler 1/2 Day $200 ; Full Day $300

* * * Rates do not include gratuity.  If you enjoyed your time on the water with me, feel free to donate to Fish Story Guide Service!

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