Sunday, August 14, 2016

Late Summer is Here...

Hey Everyone!
     I have been putting most of the quick updates on the Fish Story Guide Service Facebook Page lately, but I figured it wouldn't be a bad thing to put some recent outings here as well! 
     I have been guiding more than ever this summer and with a wedding in the near future it is actually fairly important for me to do so.  I booked as many trips as I physically had time for this summer and even had to send a few "sports" to friends.  The trips that we were able to get out on were fantastic though.  I would venture to say that this may have been the most consistent fishing from May - August that I can ever remember in Pittsburg.  There were lots of worries early with low water levels but most everyone assumed that the rain would come at some point.  Unfortunately, the rain did not come at all and the flows in the Trophy Stretch were at 125 cfs for almost the entire summer.  Fortunately, they did not go any lower and the water temp stayed under 70 which was the most important thing. 
    I thoroughly enjoyed guiding all of my "sports" this summer and remember specific highlights of each trip. 
*Getting a chance to teach my fiancĂ© was certainly a highlight and I look forward to watching her enjoy being on the water for years to come. 

*I got my brother out and that was a long time coming.  We had talked about it for years and finally accomplished the goal. 

*I was able to get my future father in law in the river and he had a successful day as well. 

*Hopper fishing with multiple sets of "sports" was just action packed and very enjoyable. 

*Getting into lots of nice LL Salmon even under low water conditions was a pleasant surprise.

*Fishing with friends on my "home" water was just the icing on the cake.

     The best flies for us lately are as follows:

- Patrick's Pink and Red San Juans
- Patrick's BWO Emerger
- Patrick's Feedinators in all three colors
- Patrick's Egg Patterns
- Hoppers
- Emerginators
- Caddis Dry
- Sulfur Dry

     Another key point is using light tippet.  4X and 5X are not pulling nearly as many fish this time of year.  I am on 6X most days. 

Mike gets it done!

That's my girl! :)

First time fly fishing!

Dark Brookie

Great people!

Fly fishing is "easy"

Rain can't stop us!

Nice leaper in the mix!

     I will be returning back to "the fake real world" in a couple of weeks and I will miss all that guiding the summer in Pittsburg gives to me.  The refreshed mindset.  The time with family and friends.  The days on the river that I wish would never end.  But as with all things, if it were fantastic all the time, it would lose its allure.  Like the seasons, we move in a circle and some stops are more enjoyable than others along the way. 

      I hope to see you all on the river!