Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall.... An Outdoorsman's Dream!

Hey Folks!
     So my summer adventures in Pittsburg are over for the year, but what a great time it was!  I learned more about the area than I have in my last 20 years combined and I luckily still have a lot more to check out!  The start of bow hunting season is exactly one week from today and that has been on my mind a lot lately.  There is just something about the changing of the seasons and the new adventures for an outdoorsman that it brings.  I am almost completely booked for the rest of the Pittsburg fishing season on weekends, but I may have a day or two if anyone is still looking.  I will be doing a decent amount of fishing myself in the next couple of months as well.  The salmon will be well on their way into the rivers after a long summer of patrolling the lakes and the deer will be moving into their fall feeding patterns with the cooler weather.  The steelhead are starting to move into the rivers in New York and the grouse season begins in the beginning for October.  There are so many opportunities to try and take advantage of and just plain and simply, not enough time to do it in!  As for down in the southern part of the state, the Three Rivers Stocking Association is planning to do a large stocking in the middle of October and I hope to get some clients into some great fishing.  I do still have a few dates for late October and November if anyone would like to explore the Isinglass, Cocheco or Lamprey rivers.  The weather is fine and the time is now!  Get out and enjoy the fall in New Hampshire!

Hike in Pond Brookie


Cool Shot!

Can you find me?

Father and Daughter

What a team!

Nice fish!

Steady now...   *Photo Credit  Mikayla Jutras

The Old Farmhouse  *Photo Credit Mikayla Jutras