Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's Already Happening!

Hi Everyone!

     This year has already started off with a bang!  The Fly Fishing Show was awesome and I was able to share stories and ideas with a great group of people!  I am always amazed by how many people have the same passion for the outdoors as I do!
     I have been getting out on the rivers lately as well!  The fish are already waking up from a mild winter chill and are starting to feed on a consistent basis.  I have had hookups on every outing.  We are still in the "low and slow" stage as far as what technique has been working for me, but with no snow left, the water temps should be on the rise soon.  This means the fish will start to move a bit more for a meal and in turn the fishing should only get better! 
     I have been able to fish with some friends lately as well and seeing the joy on their faces when they hook up immediately brings me back to last fall and how I was hoping it would be a short winter.  Well the wish was granted and we are into early fish and high hopes for a great long season!
     I have a couple of weekend dates open in the next two weeks if anyone is interested in trying for some early season fish in the lakes region.  The fishing can be hit or miss, but if we hit it just right it can be unbelievable!  The only way to find out is to get out and try it!  Let me know if you would like one of those last couple of slots to start the season off!  If you are thinking long term, Pittsburg trips are already filling.  I have more days booked than any other year at this point already and know there are a few more regulars who will be booking soon!  So don't wait too long and miss out!

Thank you all again for your support and I will leave you with a few fish from early this season!

First Bow!

Quite a team!

They are large this year!