About F.S.G.S.

My name is Patrick Ard and I am the creator of Fish Story Guide Service.  I have enjoyed the sport of fly fishing since I was in grade school and now I am lucky enough to teach others to enjoy it as well.  I am a licensed New Hampshire fly fishing guide and a Physical Education teacher in Danville.  I am a New Hampshire native and currently live in Loudon.  I have explored the majority of the rivers that New Hampshire has to offer and I have chosen some of my favorites to guide on.  If you have an interest in learning the art of fly fishing in New Hampshire, please feel free to contact me.  Even if you just have a question or two about fly fishing, don't be afraid to drop me a line!
I am also proud to be a member of the New Hampshire Guides Association. This group was founded in 1932 and was made up of only Pittsburg N.H. loggers. They would guide sports through the woods and rivers of Pittsburg in hopes to show everyone what excellent fishing and hunting Pittsburg had to offer. I looked up to these men as a child and enjoyed meeting a few as I was learning to fish in Pittsburg.

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