Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fishing Everywhere!

Hi Everyone!
     Over the last couple of weeks we have been fishing everywhere!  Just about every area that I guide during the early season has been explored and some areas fished better than others.  I can say that the Three Rivers area has been hit or miss.  We did fairly well on two out of the three and the one that produced the best was still tricky to dial in on.  Their were rising fish, most certainly coming to the top to take midges, and we were still getting the cold shoulder.  We did manage a few strikes on the smallest emergers that I had in my box, but I actually dialed in on them with completely outlandish flies.  SO another lesson learned.  Even when you know what the hatch is and what they are supposed to be eating, try other patterns that are completely the opposite and you may get some nice fish!  Got to love trout fishing! 
     I was able to get back out with John and his two sons for the first time in a couple of years and the boys are now at a great age to soak in the lessons learned on a river.  It was a slower day fish wise, but we were able to land a few and learn a lot about reading the water and nymphing techniques.  I always enjoy watching father/son bonding time and it was another memory I know this family will look back on over the years.
    Next, I was able to get out with a great guy named Carl.  We had been trying to fish together for a while and finally the schedules fit.  He was brand new to fly fishing and wanted to test it out before investing in his own gear.  Needless to say I was hoping that his first experience was going to be a great one and the fish helped us to make it just that.  I look forward to getting back out on the water with him in the future and continue to build on his newly learned skills. 
     Lastly, I guided a wonderful gentleman named Bill.  He has been fly fishing for years and was hoping to explore some new water and hook some fish along the way.  We were able to do both and eventually wound up dialing in on one stretch of river that produced multiple fish.  It was a pleasure spending a day on the water with him.
     The flows in our local areas have been dropping dramatically over the past week and unless we have some big rains, we could be getting into some tough fishing in the southern part of the state soon.  That being said, I am gearing up for Pittsburg!  I will be doing a lot of scouting over the next couple of weeks and hope to start the season off right with some salmon in the very near future! 
     I just looked in my schedule book and was amazed at how the summer booking is filling so fast this year.  I have been in talks with many folks about getting in the books and I hope to be able to accommodate all that have been interested.  If you know of a date that you would like to get up to Pittsburg for the summer please let me know soon!  If you would like to know my availability, shoot me an email and I will send you all of my open spaces!  This is shaping up to be an epic summer in Pittsburg and I want to share it with as many great people as I can!

Thank you again!


Father and Sons



Nice Brown Bill!

Rainbow in the mix!

Nice and Dark!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Time to FISH!

Hello Everyone!

     We have been all over the place lately and the fishing is as good as I have seen for this early in the season!  I have been to most of my early season areas and have caught fish at each one.  That is not the norm for this time of year.  I would expect to hook a half dozen fish per day when the fishing is just starting to come around, but 20+ hookup days are what we have been doing lately.  Spring fishing on warm days are some of the most fulfilling outings regardless of the amount of fish hooked and with the success lately I pretty much feel spoiled.  As I am writing this I am looking out the window at 50 mph, snow blown, wind gusts, but I know it will not last and we will be back on the water soon.  I am very excited for the next couple of weeks of fishing! 
     I do have a couple of open slots if you are thinking about getting on the water before the spring action is over.  If you would like to know what I have open for the Lakes Region area, let me know soon!  Once May rolls around it will be Pittsburg time!

Thank you for stopping by and as always feel free to shoot me an email with any questions!


21" Bow

Chris Gets it done!

Clean Bow