Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pittsburg "Thunk and Dunk"

So how is everyone?!  I am skipping the apologies and going right for the goods here.  Lots of people have been asking me to get on the ball and get this blog updated!  So here we go!  The past month has been the first half of my favorite time of year.  We are just starting the second half and I am really looking forward to it.  I spent almost all of my weekends in Pittsburg right up until the end of the fishing season up there and it was a blast!  The salmon showed up just about right on time and the anticipation of searching for the "monsters" drove us forward each day.  I mixed in guiding, fishing with my father and bow hunting and the balancing act was not a bad problem to have.  When October came around the "Cast and Blast" crew arrived and there seemed to be quite a few folks on the popular sections of river.  I decided to call my endeavor a "Thunk and Dunk" as I was not bird hunting with the gun, but rather bow hunting.  Unfortunately I have yet to "Thunk" my deer, but I have dunked many fly lines and clients were rewarded nicely.  I will leave the rest of the explanations to the pictures.  I am completely booked up for the fall and am starting to book for the spring and summer of 2015!  Let me know ahead of time if you are looking to get a trip in the books! I will continue to update throughout the fall with personal trips and hunting adventures, so check back and leave a comment anytime!   

Fall Colors on the Connecticut

Peter and his nice brown!

My Last Pittsburg Salmon of the year!