Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pittsburg is Still Paying Off!

Putting in time in Pittsburg is the best way to increase your odds of landing a monster fish.  I have been on the water a lot lately and have even got a chance to fish a bit myself the other night.  I had my cousin up and helped to guide his buddy from Michigan.  We started off in the Trophy Stretch and landed quite a few nice fish.  The water is still way down, 68CFS or so, but the fish are still there.  They are spooky, but willing in most pools.  My flies of choice for the Trophy have been the elk hair caddis and my Pittsburg Bugger.  After a while we decided to target some larger fish and Ben got into a beautiful brown trout!  I was happy to be a part of landing his largest brown ever. 
Ben with his personal best brown!  19"

 As I mentioned before, I was able to throw some flies around this week as well. Between exploring and just plain putting in hours in some of my favorite spots, I was rewarded.  I saw some scenic areas and some finicky fish, but in the end it is always worth the effort.
Hike random ponds!
Pretty Bow
Brookie slammed the Caddis dry!
One of my top 5 Connecticut River rainbows!  Tape measured at 21.5"  Estimated 6+ lbs.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer in the North Woods

Hello Everyone!
     Summer is flying by up here in Pittsburg and the fishing is holding strong.  The flows in the Trophy Stretch have dropped to just about the lowest flow I have ever seen in the past week, but the water temps remain in the mid 60's.  The fish have become very spooky with the low water, but they are still there.  I have had many wonderful clients recently, including a buddy who had never been fishing before.  I also had two great clients who have spent a lot of time in Pittsburg, but wanted more detailed information on areas to fish and some new techniques to try.  The weather has been nice lately, but we are in need of some rain to refresh the system.  I do still have a few openings on weekdays in the next two weeks, but after that it is back to teaching and I will only have weekend days available for guiding.  The books are filling fast, so if you would like to get a Pittsburg trip in before the end of the season please let me know!