Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here We Go!

Every day things are getting better at this point.  Water temps are creeping into the comfy zone for salmon and trout and we are catching the early scouts.  I had a great client this weekend and though we worked for the fish we landed, we were rewarded with some beautiful fish.  The next couple of weeks are shaping up to be great and water flows are even where they should be as well.  I was very tempted to get out early before the family Easter festivities, but I opted for a run and some yard work instead.  Isn't that how it is supposed to go: Work before play?  Well I plan on playing quite a bit in the next few weeks so I better go get some more work done!  Let me know if you want to get in the books for a Pittsburg trip this summer.  The dates are booking fast!  Happy Easter!


Email for booking!

Way to go Mike!

Dark Bow

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is here!

I was on my run last Wednesday and I heard the first peepers of the year.  This has always been a great sign of spring and lets me know that great fishing and weather should not be too far behind.  I have been out recently scouting spots for early season clients and things have been slowly shaping up.  The water levels are on the high side, the water temperatures are on the low, but when both of them merge together, we should be looking at great flows and perfect temps for catching fish.  I would guess that by the middle of this week things will start to look a lot better for us.  I was out all day yesterday checking out some spots and we are on the edge for sure.  This winter has seemed to drag and it is reassuring to know that we have finally made it!  With all of the wonderful days ahead of us for the 2014 season I am recharged and ready to create some more "fish stories"!  At this point I have two open dates for southern / middle of the state guiding, but I have many dates left for July and August for Pittsburg.  If you are looking to get away for a weekend in the Great North Woods this summer, let me know soon and we can get on some Pittsburg trout! 


Early Season Bow