Saturday, December 20, 2014

Catch UP!

Hello Everyone!
     I have a bit of catching up to do!  Lets get to it. After the season finale in Pittsburg, my main focus quickly switched to hunting.  I was lucky and did actually tag a deer this fall with my muzzleloader.  I just put a few packs of steak on the counter to unthaw as I plan to make some steak and cheese subs later this afternoon with a friend.  But I digress... So mixed in with the hunting, I did get out one last time for some big land locked salmon.  What a great way to end the regular season!

Kev with a big boy!
Mr. Kyper

After our season closed here, it was off to the Salmon River in November.  This year was going to be a blast mainly due to the people who would be fishing with us.  My buddies Kev, Greg and Nate were all ready to get in on some serious steelhead mayhem.  This was to be my only trip out to NY this fall and I wanted to make the best of it.  It has really come to a point now, after fishing the SR for many years, that numbers are not what we need.  Instead, it is more important for some sort of adventure to take place, stories to be told and new catch phrases to be created.  With home made brews and "Electric Chickens" mixed together, it turned out to be a great trip.  As far as the fishing went, I would say it ranked right up there as one of my most successful trips ever. The hookup to landed ratio was great.  The water flows were perfect at around 1000 cfs the entire trip and the fish were where they were supposed to be.  Between Kev and I we went 24 for 50 on landed to hookups in 2 and a half days of fishing.  As always this just leaves me wanting more.  I hope to give it another go in the winter, but usually run out of time!  Either way here are some of my favorite fish.