Monday, February 27, 2012

Pelham Show and "March Madness" Deal

     Well, it is beginning to feel a little more like spring each week.  March is a mere week away and the Pelham Fly Fishing show is this coming weekend.  I will have a booth set up once again at the show and will also be doing a presentation about Fly Fishing in Pittsburg this year.  If you are interested in hearing what Pittsburg has to offer, you can come over and join us at 2pm this Saturday or Sunday at the Pelham Fish and Game Club.
     I am also going to be offering my "March Madness" deal for the entire month of March again this year.  If you book a trip with me anytime April-November, during the month of March, I will take $25.00 off of the trip price.  I had quite a few clients take advantage of this offer at the Pelham show last year and hope people will continue to this time around. 

Here is a schedule for the Pelham Fly Fishing Show this weekend:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Fly Tying Party

Hello again everyone!  I was lucky enough to be invited to a little fly tying party over in Portsmouth yesterday and I had a blast!  I was able to sit and chat with friends over a few good drinks and great food, retell old fly fishing tales and tie up a few bugs.  There is nothing that quite gets your blood moving for the upcoming fly fishing season than tying up flies that you know will be in a fishes mouth very soon.  Check back to my blog next weekend for a few big announcements including the annual "March Madness" deals on guided trips!  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

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