Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Spring Fishing Update!

Hello everyone!
     Here is the Spring Fishing Update!  We have been all over the middle of the state since the beginning of April and the fishing has just been fantastic!  The quality of the fish that we have been getting into has been beyond my expectations for this time of year.  Salmon in the 18-22 inch range have been common!  Rainbows in the 15-20 inch range have been landed!  But I get ahead of myself....

     Rewind to late March as scouting had just begun.  I got together with a good friend of mine and hit some early season areas.  A few fish were around, but the water temp was in the high 30's.  A few weeks later spring had sprung and the water temps finally hit those magic numbers!  The suckers came up and into the rivers and closely following them were the rainbows.  It was all about the egg patterns for a few days at that point.  I saw water temps rise by almost 10 degrees in less than a week.  I usually don't like it happening that fast as it can shut off the run completely, but it was great to see a big push of fish for happy clients to hook up with!  The suckers came and left all within a few days, but with the higher water temps the salmon had come up into the rivers as well.  Mostly my Feedinators and Eggs were the go to patterns, but streamers came into play when the salmon arrived as well.

     So here we are on April 28th, the water temps plummeted 8 degrees in less than two days and put the fishing at a stalled out pace.  Now, we still hooked plenty of fish to keep it interesting, but it definitely was not as frantic as it was a week ago.  That being said, I am hoping that this cooler weather may prolong the run into early May.  The huge factor here, other than water temp, will be water level.  We are at flood stage in many of my "Go To" spots at the moment due to the amount of rain we have had lately.  If the flows come down steadily this should be good for the long run as well.
     I will be sure to do a summer update on this website, but please be sure to follow daily updates on everything that we do at: . This is the place to go to see videos, pictures and more fishing reports each week!  Please check out and subscribe to the Fish Story Guide Service YouTube page as well.  It can be found at: .
     As the spring winds down, my focus will shift to Pittsburg.  At this moment I do still have some June dates available as well as plenty of openings for July and August.  I am booking as many trips as possible this year and hope to get back out on the water with many long time guests as well as new ones!  Thank you as always!


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